The Joan Canals horse wins the Prize Hipòdrom de Manacor and the one of the Quadra Torreflorida the Ciutat de Manacor

The Manacor racecourse had two special races on his last day, one for national horses and 2,000 euros in prizes and another for international with a budget of 1,500 euros, both over 2,375 meters.

National’s race, Prize Hipòdrom de Manacor, imposed Burinot, although Un d’en Fliper had marked the line good part of the route. The horse of the Quadra Joan Canals stopped the clock at 1’18”0, led by B. Mascaró. Un d’en Fliper was second and third Veneno.

lliurament ciutat manacor ramses des charmesOn the reserved for international horses, Ciutat de Manacor Prize, had a very adjusted arrival, in which was imposed by the outside Ramses des Charmes, driven by J. Bauzà B., marking a time of 1’17″0, second was Roc de Cossio, with B. Riutort and third Ribat de Beval with J. Villalonga.




Premi Hipòdrom de Manacor. 2.375m. Autostart

  1. Burinot (B. Mascaró) 1’18”0
  2. Un d’en Fliper (M.A. Binimelis) 1’18”1
  3. Veneno (D. Oliver) 1’18”2
  4. Vip Tirety (J. Bauzà B.) 1’18”6

Premi Ciutat de Manacor. 2.375m. Autostart

  1. Ramses des Charmes (J. Bauzà B.) 1’17”0
  2. Roc de Cossio (B. Riutort) 1’17”1
  3. Ribat de Beval (J. Villalonga) 1’17”1
  4. Rubis d’Airpet (J.A. Riera) 1’17”2