Penya Bonanza’s horse is imposed by Miquel Mestre’s reins

Without opposition and imposing its rhythm. That’s how Cluc SB won the 5-years-old Grand Prix. The horse of Peña Bonanza commanded the test from beginning to end, taking the platoon’s head just by throwing the autostart. Coco Jambo and Chanel de Font alternated the second place behind the Miquel Mestre’s horse. In this way, and unchanged in the first places, they reached the hint, when Claudy’s Crown attempted an attack on the outside. Cluc SB and Chanel de Font endured the attack of the mare led by Jme. Fluxà At 500 meters from the end Cluc SB advanced meters to the rest of the opponents, flipping the last straight solo and imposing at 1’18”0 by M. Mestre. Calgary finished off hard and got second place while the third was for Coco Jambo.