Rosen Slavchef’s mare dominates from start to finish

Dominating from the first meters, that’s how Dafi RS won the Grand Prix of the 4 Years. Since the launch of the autostart, the mare led by Miquel Mestre was placed in front, with Duna de Llevant, main rival of Dafi RS, outside the peloton. In this way Rosen Slavchef’s mare marked her pace during the 2,650 meters of the course, with Duna de Llevant in the position of death. In the last meters the two mares distanced themselves from the rest of the competitors, but Dafi RS held on ahead, prevailing at 1’17”4 from Miquel Mestre. Second was Duna de Llevant with Antoni Frontera and third Didal Alles with Bartolomé Mascaró.

3a-lliurament-bomoritiusThe AECC Prize, the first Premium race reserved for members of the Ladies Club, was won by Bomoritius Ringeat, although And Only Visais pressed throughout the course and Univers de Bleves beat him in the last meters. The horse led by Cristina Velasco endured the onslaught and won 1’16”9 over 2,150 meters. Second was Univers de Bleves with Sebastiana Pocoví and third And Only Visais with Catalina Riera.

txec-aeccAfter the race, the Balearic Trot Federation, together with the Ladies Club of the Trot, gave a check to the Spanish Association Against Cancer of 4,614 euros, from the collection of registration fees for the meeting.