The Institut de l’Esport Hípic recovered in 2018 the traditional Diada dels Reis of Manacor, with a program of 16 official races to which were added two tests of minitrote and one of fry.

Of the results, the highlight was the triplet achieved by Antoni Riera, in charge of Euforia Lover, Caryopteris and Vaeva Pride. They also had a good day Jaume Fluxà, with a double thanks to Espiga des Llorer and Ritz du Bocage and Nicolau Martí, with another double to the reins of Ted de la Rive and Dorat MS.

As for the speeds, the fastest was Ritz du Bocage, with a time of 1’15”7, followed by the winner of the last morning, Ted de la Rive, who stopped the clock at 1’15 ‘ 8