The Yamo-Llevant mare heading to Dafi RS and Delaraman

Finishing hard. In this way won Duna de Llevant the Critérium 4 Years old, a test in which was beat with Dafi RS at the exit leaving it pass in front of the train straight. Thus, the winner of the National Grand Prix 2.016 was placed in the back of the mare of Miquel Mestre, saving forces facing the last meters. For his part, Delaraman, with Miguel Àngel Binimelis, rolled in the outer lane, waiting for the moment to attack. At the bell ring the pace increased, passing Delaraman to fight for the front seats. The last lap was a hand-to-hand between these three horses, who entered the final straight struggling for the first place. In the last 50 meters Duna de Llevant struck hard, beating 1’16”3, over 2,200 meters with Toni Frontera on the reins. Second was Dafi RS with Miquel Mestre, followed by Delaraman with Miguel Ángel Binimelis.

Critèrium 4 Anys “El Corte Inglés”. 2,200m. Autostart

5. Duna de Llevant (A. Frontera) 1’16”3
6. Dafi RS (M. Master) 1’16”4
7. Delaraman (M.A. Binimelis) 1’16”5
8. Didal Alles (Jme Fluxà) 1’16”9