Bartolomé Serra’s horse is imposed on the Gengis Khan Prize. Dafi RS wins the San Sebastián Prize

Renowned race day at the Son Pardo Racecourse, with the Gengis Khan Prize, qualifying for the National Grand Prix, and the San Sebastián Prize, with the competition of some of the best national horses. The tests were over 2,150 meters, distributed a total of 6,000 euros and 8,000 euros respectively.

At the start of the Gengis Khan Prix, Freixenet Pocket and Fresca de Font exit they were placed in front, but upon arriving at the first Fantastic BS curve, led by Francesc Bennàsar went ahead, commanding the rest of the route without any rival being impatient. Thus, he reached the last straight line, to which he maintained his advantage, imposing at 1’18”9. Futur de Ladil i Fenomenal came to a close, reaching second and third places respectively, both with a time of 1’19”1.

Dafi RS on the San Sebastián Prize

7a-lliurament-sant-sebastia-dafi-rsThe San Sebastián Prize was the second most important event in the program, for national horses, over 2,150 meters and an award of 8,000 euros in prizes. Only take the exit took Vitalic head, to the reins of Bartomeu Mascaró; but Dafi RS alternated it to the front a little further on. Just before the bell ring Vitorino Mar took the initiative, going ahead. This position held her to the last straight line, at which time Dafi RS ended up strongly, staring in a tight arrival with Vitorino Mar. Finally the egg of Rosen Slavchev was imposed at 1’16”1, led by Joan Toni Riera. The second place was for Vitorino Mar at 1’16”3 and in the reigns of Joan Bauzà. In the third place, he set the Vitalic goal at 1’16’4.