Valls Rullan’s horse is imposed on the Manacor’s racetrack special prix

The Mallorca Municipal Manacor Award congregated a total of 12 fans of the “F” generation over the distance of 2,050 meters, distributing a total of 4,000 euros in prizes.
Phenomenon dominated the test with solvency, registering a 1’19’0 ‘mile median to Toni Valls’ kingdoms. The second place was awarded For You, led by Jaume Forteza and a 1’20”2 second time and the third one was by Freixenet Pocket at 1’20”6 from Juan Carlos Rotger.

Mallorca’s Prix 2.050m. Autostart
1. Fenomenal (A. Valls) 1’19”0
2. For You (J. Forteza) 1’20”2
3. Freixenet Pocket (J.C. Rotger) 1’20”6
4. Fla des Llorer (G. Sureda) 1’20”8
5. Fashion Gold (J. Bauzá) 1’20”9