Fortunato Dream wins the IEHM Price

The Son Pardo racecourse hosted a day of 9 races during morning, which included the IEHM Price, the last qualifying race for the 2018 National Grand Prix. After this race, the eight colts candidates of The National with the most points achieved in the 4 qualifiers, have obtained a place in the first  of the classics. Only the Fortunato Dream and Fenomenal autostart was launched, the head of the race was played, followed by Freixenet Pocket. La Quadra’s horse Todo un Sueño finally passed, controlling the pace of the race. 500 meters ahead Fortunato Dream was still ahead, but Fresca de Font was placed on his back. Fenomenal shot third. At the bell ring Flaixmataix Wing was placed in second place, behind Fortunato Dream. Fresca de Font was third. That’s how the last 1000 meters have elapsed, with Fortunato Dream ahead, Flaixmataix Wing second and Futil de Ladil third, a horse that cast before climbing the last straight line, being distanced. In the final straight Fortunato Dream dominated, winning at 1’16”2, from the hands of Toni Frontera, over the distance of 2,150 meters. Flaixmataix Win was second and third Flamenca de Font.

The horses that by points have a place in the Grand Prix are:

Fortunato Dream (87 puntos)

Futur de Ladil (55)

Fantastic BS (42)

Fenomenal (25)

Flaixmataix Wing (20)

Far West (19)

Fast Pass (15)

Flamenca de Font (14).

Premi Institut de l’Esport Hípic de Mallorca. 2150m. Autostart

  1. Fortunato Dream (Antoni Frontera) 1’16”2
  2. Flaixmataix Wing (Guillem Riera) 1’16”5
  3. Flamenca de Font (Miquel Mestre) 1’16”9
  4. Far West VX (Antoni Riera) 1’16”9