The entrance to the Son Pardo Racetrack was improved over the last week with the installation of a welcome ceilings, action framed within a campaign to spread the trotting races and the services offered by the racetrack run by the Institut de l’Esport Hípic de Mallorca.

This campaign has been based on clothing and distribution, through the tourist information offices of the Consell de Mallorca, informative leaflets in different languages, as well as explanatory leaflets of the internal bets that can be made at the windows of the Son Pardo and Municipal of Manacor Racetracks, all following the same aesthetic line. Material has also been designed for school visits during the course of the season and will be distributed among children who visit the racetrack next year.

In addition, the installed welcome ceilings fulfil the double function of aesthetically improving the entrance, which the last years had become outdated.

To continue the beautification work of the racetrack, the Institut de l’Esport Hípic de Mallorca has requested the incorporation of three laborers of the program “Visibles” of the SOIB, to continue with the works of sanitation and repainting of exteriors of Son Pardo, with the aim that the racetrack can give the best possible image.

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