Ramses des Charmes sets a new absolute record in the Manacor Municipal, winning the Milla Prize at 1’13″8

The Manacor racetrack already has a new record, after Ramses des Charmes will stop the chrono at 1’13″8 on Saturday, November 18 at the Milla Award, a race over the distance of 1,609 meters. In this test Valinco de Cormon imposed a dizzying rhythm of 1’10″4 during practically the first round, but, in the straight line as opposed to a tribune, the horse from the Torreflorida block took advantage of the cash raised by Antònia Vaquer which began to accuse the effort and he was cutting meters until he stood before, winning alone.

Premi Milla. 1.609 m. Autostart.
1. Ramses des Charmes (J.A. Riera) 1’13”8
2. Uno Latino (M. Mestre) 1’15”3
3. Ribat de Beval (J. Villalonga) 1’15”8
4. Valinco de Cormon (A. Vaquer S) 1’16”2