For more than a decade, the IEHM began to program school visits. The aim of these is to introduce the younger generations to the world of trot harness racing.


More than a thousand young boys and girls visit the Son Pardo facilities every year, where they have the opportunity to witness how an animal such as the horse must be taken care of, cleaned and fed, as well as the necessary equipment to harness them to the race cabriolet.


The tour around the racecourse facilities is complete and educational, which sparks the chidren’s interest for this world. We also have different audiovisual materials available to be shown at the schools prior to the visit.



Visits take place on thursdays and fridays from 10:00 to 13:00 hours although the times can be modified. The tour is aimed at boys and girls from 5 to 16 but tours for Vocational Training students whose branch is connected to horse-handling have also been arranged, as well as for senior citizens associations and special needs persons.


In the year 2013 an agreement with the Direcció Insular d’Esports was signed by which trot harness racing was included in an activity program called “SUMA’T a l’esport”, whose main goal is to facilitate the practise of sports for all the schoolchildren in the island. For this reason we have designed a course of initiation to trot harness racing through which this sport, so deeply rooted in the Balearic Islands, is promoted.


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