The Institut de l’Esport Hípic de Mallorca and the Balearic Federation of Trot sign the agreement for the award for 2018 prizes

After yesterday the plenary session of the Consell de Mallorca approved the granting of the nominative grant to the Federation and the text of the agreement, this has been signed by the presidents of the Institut and the Federació. In this way the Federació will assume the payment, one more year, of the prizes of the races sponsored by the Institut, as it already did in the year 2017. Thus the dynamics by which all the prizes of races that are disputed by the hippodromes of Son Pardo and Manacor will be paid in the same way by a single entity, thus facilitating the way in which these are paid to the winners.

In the new agreement, which includes the races from October 2017 to September 2018, aspects of the justification of the subsidy have been modified, which hindered the execution of the previous agreement, and which have caused a delay, not foreseen, in the payment of the prizes, due to the complex administrative bureaucracy.

With the approval of this subsidy, the Balearic Federation of Trot will soon be able to liquidate the outstanding prizes of the races sponsored by the Institut de Son Pardo and Manacor.