The penultimate night meeting of the Hippodrome Son Pardo had as a strong dish the four cups of Spain, reserved for colts of 2 years, to nationals of three years, of four years and of 5 and more years.
1a-lliurament-fortunato-dream-copa-españa-2-anysIn the first, over the distance of 1,600 m. The winner was Fortunato Dream, with a time of 1 ‘ 18 ” 1 and a reins of A. Frontera. Second and third place arrived two products of the Morro square, Fresca de Font and Frit de Font, at 1 ‘ 18 ” 2 and 1 ‘ 18 ” 4 and led by J. Carreras and J.A. Riera respectively.

Spanish Cup 2 Years Old. 1.600m. Autostart

1. Fortunato Dream (A. Frontera) 1’18”1

2. Fresca de Font (J. Carreras P.) 1’18”2

3. Frit de Font (J.A. Riera) 1’18”4

3a-lliurament-elit-photoThe second, with a tour of 2.150m., had as a winner Elit Photo, with a chrono of 1 ‘ 17 ” 7 and directed by M. Mestre. Second was El Dandy de Font at 1 ‘ 18 ” 0 and J. a Riera. The third place was awarded Emocion BS with F. Bennàsar and the same reduction long as the second classified.

Spanish Cup 3 Years Old. 2.150m. Autostart.

1. Elit Photo (M. Mestre) 1’17”7

2. El Dandy de Font (J.A. Riera) 1’18”0

3. Emoción BS (F. Bennàsar) 1’18”0

4a-lliurament-delaraman-copa-españa-4-anysDelaraman gave a new victory to the block Es Pou Florit, who added three throughout the day. M.A. Binimelis’s pupil was imposed at 1 ‘ 17 ” 1, over 2,150 metres, beating his individual record. Second came Duna de Llevant, who returned to the competition after 3 months of rest, with A. Frontera and a reduction of 1 ‘ 17 ” 3. The third place was for Dodi, at 1 ‘ 17 ” 4 and with reins of M. Mestre.

Spanish Cup 4 Years Old. 2.150m. Autostart.

1. Delaraman (M.A. Binimelis) 1’17”1

2. Duna de Llevant (A. Frontera) 1’17”3

3. Dodi (M. Mestre) 1’17”4

6a-lliurament-amor-de-font-copa-españa-5-i-mes-anysThe old horses closed the cups of Spain, with the victory of Amor de Font, which although he directed the group throughout the tour, had Burinot as the most direct rival and Unitra RS and Un d’en Fliper in the last meters. The horse of the block Can Fonoll won 1 ‘ 19 ” 2, on 2,650 M., led by J.A. Riera. Second was Unitra RS at 1 ‘ 19 ” 3 and with M. Mestre in the sulky. The third place was for Un d’en Fliper with M.A. Binimelis and the same time as the previous one.

Spanish Cup for 5 and more Years Old. 2.650m. Autostart.

1. Amor de Font (J.A. Riera) 1’19”2

2. Unitra RS (M. Mestre) 1’19”3

3. Un de’n Fliper (M.A. Binimelis) 1’19”3