The horse of Es Pou Florit block wins at the reins of Miquel Mestre
With a good final shot, this is how Tropic du Hetre won the Ciutat de Palma de Son Pardo Award, one of the oldest tests of the national trotting calendar and that brought together some of the best international horses over the distance of 1,650 meters.
Ritz du Bocage took the head of the peloton at the start, followed by Udson de Retz and Ramses des Charmes. These positions remained unchanged for much of the route, but on the last lap Ramses des Charmes passed in front, followed by Tropic du Hetre, while Udson de Retz held on for the rope.
In the last straight, two horses fought for the victory, Ramses des Charmes, with Joan Toni Riera and Tropic du Hetre, with Miquel Mestre.
Finally, in the last meters, the horse of the Cuadra Es Pou Florit took half a body advantage to his opposite direct, prevailing at 1’13”8 with Miquel Mestre in the sulky. Second was Ramses des Charmes with Joan Toni Riera and third Udson de Retz, with Guillem Riera.

Premi Ciutat de Palma. 1650m 7,000 Autostart.

1. Tropic du Hetre (M.Mestre) 1’13”8

2. Ramses des Charmes (J.A.Riera) 1’13”9

3. Udson de Retz (G.Riera) 1’14”4

4. Roc de Cossio (B.Riutort) 1’14”6