The month of September started the Hippodrome de Manacor with two special tests to the seven scheduled races: the Prix HIper Centro, for national horses and the Hulmer, for international, with 1,700 euros and 1,300 euros respectively, both with a journey of 2,050 metres.


In the first Un d’en Fliper is imposed without too much difficulty. Took the head on the way out, after quarreling over a hundred of meters with Unitra RS. In the head, the effective driven by M. Mestre was at his back and Burinot in third position, in a row. So came the curfew bell where Unitra RS attempted to overcome Un d’en Fliper, but without success. As well, the horse of M.A. Binimelis has imposed at 1′16′3, followed by Unitra RS and Burinot.


The international Vallandraud as a lead actor, had to to G. Riera and a reduction of 1′18”2. The second position was for Taquin de Fontaine and the third for Ultra du Louet.